Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Last night, Philippine NAKAMA had a treat for all the volunteers staff of Phil NAKAMA Christmas Party 2008. It's like a thanks giving gathering or OTSUKARESAMA KAI for the job well done by the staff members at the Xmas event. Out of 13 members... 8 were able to join.
Our first plan was to held it in Karaoke but on the last minute... we decided to do the gathering at Izakaya Wara-wara along Ryougai-cho.
We enjoyed the tabehodai, nomihodai order!
What we enjoyed most aside from foods, drinks and chattings was the fact that it was almost a treat from Phil NAKAMA... as in PALIBRE!
Sorry for those who wasn't able to come... thanks for the hard work and GOCHISOSAMA DESHITA! Hanggang sa uulitin! o(^-^)o

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