Sunday, December 07, 2008

Phil NAKAMA on the move!

Pasko na naman oh kay tulin ng araw♪ Yup! ang bilis talaga ng panahon at kapag ganitong season... everyone is busy talaga... ganon din ang group naming Phil NAKAMA... we're also busy to our up coming event on December 21st... our Christmas Party 2008 in Coupole Kaikan.

So, here we are... we gathered last night in Jolibee Restaurant for the preparation of our party. Kaya hayun... nabulabog na naman ang restaurant ni Amy! I hope kumita naman s'ya sana sa amin! hehehe! Suprisingly... the whole officers and advisers of the group were present! That's a good sign of cooperation and dedication!

With our crazy... este kalog priest... Father Bob!
The meeting session The meeting was in order. I hope the main event is in order too! I will be busy again this coming week with Liza and hopefully with some other volunteers coz we are in-charge for gift segregations and programs outline! Maraming pakulo for everyone on our Christmas party... sana makarating kayong lahat... with your Y3,000!!! (^-^)b
It's also Ana's (Precy's sis) bon voyage party! She'll be back to Phil on the 12th. We'll gonna miss you 'day. Hope to see you again! o(^3^)o

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