Thursday, January 01, 2009

Goodbye 2008, hello 2009!

Ready for count down... Wala naman gaanong handa except for some chicken macaroni, embutido and pansit. We reserved most for our Japanese traditional foods... OSECHI RYOURI.
Sarah and Yuta joined us for count down at home. Yuki was in Tokyo with his cousins.
↓Hindi po yan palabok! It's my pansit bihon with kanton (?)... it's actually a ramen noodles... I learned that from Dang!  Not bad!While waiting for the countdown... we're busy sending some messages to friends and relatives and at the same time, watching NHK musical program.   After the program... we had the countdown and we had some banging at home while yelling "HAPPY NEW YEAR" together!I had a four set playing billiard with Yuta. It's a kids stuff but it was fun!Uncle Jo and Dang came about past 1:00 for some greetings! Thanks for the accesories gifts from Dang!Thanks to year 2008 and welcome to year 2009!

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