Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year visit to Sengen Shrine and more

It's a tradition here in Japan to go to a shrine or temple on the first week of January to pray for good health and prosperity for the new year. My family did that today. We visited to Sengen Shrine to pay respect. 2009 is the year of the ox... my year actually!
We also tried the OMIKUJI-- meaning "sacred lottery". It predicts the person's chances of his or her hopes coming true. Sachan and Papie got DAIKICHI-- an excellent luck while I got KICHI-- an ordinary blessings... ... so I attached my strip of paper to a tree to prevent the bad luck written on it.Japanese DARUMA or wishing dollsActually... it is also written in my omikuji that my luck is almost there... all I need is to reach it out. While walking home from the shrine... I found 10 yen at Sengen street. Papie told me to pick it up and keep it. I become confused and asked him... "is that the meaning of the luck that I was suppose to reach out?!" hehehe! I kept the 10 yen coin... as amulet... maybe that will bring me luck! I hope so x(_ _)x
Below are some of the amulets I bought with the 10 yen coin amulet!Sengen Shrine entrance from Sengen streetSome of the amusing attraction along Sengen Street
After Sengen Shrine... Papie treat us to yAkInIkU Restaurant!
GOcHiSoSaMa dEsHiTa... that's what we call... a blessing! (^-^)v

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