Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year's gathering

It's Shinenkai season... meaning after New Year's get-together to kick off the new year. I just joined yesterday night the Shinenkai of AOI KU KUMIN KONWA KAI-- a committee of selected citizen's of Aoi District... who plans for the betterment and development of the community... somewhat like pulong-pulong sa kaunlaran! I am also included as one of their committee members representing the foreign residents in Aoi District. Actually, we had just finished our 2 years contract and meeting last December. But still we need to meet to finish our up-coming event in Sengen Doori this March.

The gathering was held in Kawachian in Sengen Doori.

The ladies...

... and some of our dandies!

Our friendly members... there are about 3 members who missed this gathering.

I am honored to be one of the committee members of this group. I learned many things about Shizuoka City particularly Aoi District. This group really listen and consider or make reference even a small opinions or suggestions we had. I am proud to our intelligient leader, Mr. Sakurai-who always had a smart decisions and also to the Machizukuri staff of City Hall who works hard to make all our proposals and plans possible.

Don't miss our Aoi District event on March 1st!

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