Monday, January 26, 2009

Some late winter scenes and stuffs

It is not surprising that winter is cold. I should be thankful that I live here in Shizuoka where the climate is mild... but what surprise me lately is that it's really freezing cold lately!

↓Mt. Fuji scene from Shizuoka City. 'seems it is close to us... but actually, it will take about 2 hrs drive to Mt. Fuji from our city. During this season... we can see Mt. Fuji's image very clearly from our city.
Trees in late winter. Buds are starting to bloom... indicating that spring is coming!
↓On the other hand... here's the condition at Sachiko's place in Niigata City.↓ It's snowing... and it seems that this year, they are experiencing a heavy snow out there! Her place is in the north... that's why!
↓Scenes from Sachan's veranda... it's snow, snow and snow everywhere! Magsasawa sila sa KAKI KOORI or shaved ice... ahhh... i love strawberry flavor! hehehe!
Speaking of winter... NABEMONO or dish in a pot is one of the popular dish during winter here in Japan. Nabemono are kept hot on the dining table by portable stoves. Some of my favorites are sukiyaki, yosenabe, oden, kimuchi nabe and of course... this shabu-shabu which is served with thinly sliced beef.
↓Lately... I experienced something different. It's BURI or yellow tail fish shabu-shabu. Not bad... especially when you eat it with ponzu!
↓I don't know if this is related to late winter... but I just found something amusing as I window shopped with Liza and Dang at Parco's basement area... we happened to pass the liquor shop...
...and look what I found... our very own San Miguel beer! Here some more alcohols. This stuff is cute... little bottles of sake for just one shot... a drinkypoo!Oppsss... this area is Liza's fave... her collection of tiny alcohol! So if you want to treat her on her birthday... just drop-by to this place!
One more about this late winter... my hubby received some New Year omiage from his patients... and I found something unique. It's a packed of Japanese crackers... it tasted good but what amazed me are the wrappers in 7 different colors... 7 different flavors... and yes, different characters of Japanese Seven Gods of Good Lucks or the SHICHIFUKUJIN. ↓
According to the Japanese folklore... on New Years Eve the deities enter port on a TAKARABUNE or treasure ship to bring happiness to everyone. Tradition says that sleeping with a picture of the shichifukujin aboard the takarabune under your pillow on January first ensures your first dream of the New Year will be a lucky one. Maybe the dreamer will even end up in seventh heaven.
Sound's like Santa Claus version huh! Ok... now that I knew it... I will try it this year's New Year's Eve! Promise!!!

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