Sunday, January 04, 2009

Former Elfin talents reunion?!

I was surprised to Sarah's phone call relying that Grace is visiting Shizuoka from Gifu and she wanted to meet us and at the same time to... introduce her 5 years old daughter, Trinity. Mabuti na lang at di pala s'ya baog! Grace's staying at Venus home. Sarah with Venus and Grace visited at home with their lovely kids! Wooow, ang lalaki na ng mga kids! It bothers me a lot seeing this kids growing so faaaast... that means that I am also agiiing! Naman... namaaan...
Seeing the girls remind me of the former Elfin's. Natsukashii! Sayang Maria did not made it to come this NewYear because she was ill. But glad to hear her voice by the phone... and by the way, happy birthday greetings to Papa Kushida. It's his birthday today!
Here are the former Elfin talents with the Elfin "products"!
After the visit, they invited me to go to Karaoke for fun!
It seems like we are having a reunion of former Elfin talents!
It's been a while for me in karaoke... I was amazed to hear them singing the latest songs. I also enjoyed the one-patan songs in karaoke! We also enjoyed the dance numbers of Grace and her kid Trinity! They promised to dance with Phil NAKAMA event next time.Like mother... like daughter Mariko and Trinity really had talents. Mabuti na lang namana nila ang DNA ng mga moms!The bondings!We enjoyed the gathering! Hope we can make it again someday with other former talents like Alice and her sisters. Katuwaan lang kasi this time kaya we were not able to have the chance to invite them... if chances forbid maybe in the near future... for sure... Maria will definetely be around daw... kaya for Maria... ngayon pa lang, you need to take extra care for your self para di ka palaging magkasakit. ODAIJINI !

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