Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thanks to Shin Shizuoka Center

Shin Shizuoka Center is a shopping center located in Takajo 1 chome, Aoi District. It's a station building type in the sense na dito ang station ng mga railroad trains and buses... including taxis.

This shopping center owned by Shizuoka Shizutetsu group company was build on year 1966.

Now, after 42 years of service... the time comes to an end for Shin Shizuoka Center. It will be open till this end of January and after that... they're going to demolish the shopping center.
Recalling back! When I came here in Shizuoka about 20 years ago, the first time I happened to encounter the place... my first empression was a bit anxious. Why? It's because of the shopping center's name... Shin Shizuoka Center... if we'll gonna translate it in English, it's New Shizuoka Center. The building was already old that time... the name doesn't fit anymore. I always been wishing that they must change the name of the shopping center already!

Well, well... on the other hand, I will gonna miss Shin Shizuoka Center. I used to shop to this place because almost everything is cheap! I will miss "Cynthia"-- one of my fave fashion store.

I will also miss the restaurants upstairs and of course... the coffee shops at the basement that I used to drop by during my breaks from works and after my works. Then after that, I oftened go to Shizutetsu super market to shop for our meals.

Ohhh... kahit papaano marami ring memory sa akin ang Center kaya kakalungkot din pag nawala na s'ya! Sooo... thanks to Center... thanks for the wonderful service... even to the points I gathered to my point card during those times I shopped there... hehehe! OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA!

They'll rebuild the building and reopen it on year 2011. OTANOSHIMINI to the real NEW Shizuoka Center!

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