Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Hello everyone! How was your New Year celebration?! Well... I spent my New Year with my family in a typical Japanese tradition. Not too bad! The first three days of the year is OSHOGATSU or the celebration for the New Year here in Japan . The first day was a typical gathering with my family...eating osechi, watching tv, strolling at Apita...and yes... sleeping a lot!
The next day... We went a visit to shrine... they called that visit as Hatsumode. Well, it's raining... I hope that means a blessing from up above! On the afternoon, I spent my time hanging with friends at Sarah's home. We did trully had a good time!
Then today... well... again, we had a looot of rest. I woke up very late with Sachan. Then we had a family date... and so on and so forth...
By the way... thanks to all of you guys who sent me greetings through text, mail, phone, card and NENGAJO! KORE KARA MO ... YOROSHIKU ONEGAISHIMASU!
A visit to Sengen Shrine in Shizuoka CityThey are buying OMAMORI--- a good luck charm!A Shrine to pray to pass the exam!

After making our offering, we prayed and make a wish!Writing and hanging her wish!Main entrance of the shrine The offeratory box at the entrance

Blessing ceremony for the amulets

We toss our offering into the offeratory box, pull the cord attached to the bell hanging from the rafter in front of the box, then clap our hands and pray.It's year of the boar!

Shops for OMAMORI

Many people try to draw their fortune for the year and after reading their fortune, they tied the paper with their fortune printed on it to the branch of the tree near the shrine... or tied it like shown in the photo...


Sengen Street

New Year Gathering of friends at Sarah's home!

We shared some typical Pinoy dishes Yuta and Nao... what a cute smile! Bingo Game time!

The game seems getting hot... hoooot and eeeager to win the prize...worth 150 yen !!! LOL! I guess... I am lucky that day coz I won twice... and once again... like last year gathering...I got again the last grand play prize ... yeheeey! Below was my two lucky bingo cards! To my lucky cards...ARIGATOU and GOKOROSAMA DESHITA!!! mwhaaah! 'hoping you'll bring us luck the whole year through! We had fun... hoping we have fun the whole year! SHIN NEN AKEMASHITE OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU!

The kids original masks... galing di ba?

2007 is the YeAr of the PiG AnD BoAr

Here is the first piggy I encountered this year! A piglet at Jumbo Encho in Shimokawahara. Sooo cute!


  1. D bale d ako nanalo...atleast hisashiburi akong tumawa ng
    todo like Sarah.....thanks nga pala..and gochi ni narimasu...

  2. 本当に楽しかったね!
    Next year, kanino naman kayang bahay ang gathering? Palagay ko... kina Amie... i've heard ok lang daw as long na potluck party!