Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Da Vince Code

Well, finally... I had the chance to collect and watch the DVD of Ron Howard's film...The Da Vince Code, a mystery movie about the discovery of a secret protected since the time of the Christ. It's pretty interesting and quite convincing! I also discovered that I do lack of knowledge about religious sects, history, scriptures and many more! Ha-ha-haaah!I understand that this is a fiction movie ... 'though it's a make-believe movie... after watching it... somehow... it bothered me about my Christianity...and a little confused about my being a Catholic f^_^... this movie really moves me huh!
No wonder why Dan Brown's The Da Vince Code novel became internationally bestseller and controversial as well as the movie---especially to the Christians!
Well... to my fellow Christians... if you still never happen to watch the movie... you better watch for it... as long as you have faith in HIM... it's worth watching anyway!

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