Monday, January 15, 2007

YUBI (finger) Yoga Diet?!

...sounds interesting... desho?!
I happened to read this from the February issue of ESSE magazine. According to the article, Yubi Yoga has a dieting effect by helping to burn body fat!
Well...I know nothing about YOGA except it's a kind of meditations stuffs... but...I thought... why not give a try!
The instructions is very easy. Mochiron, all we need is patient and decipline to do the routine everyday in order to make this stuff effective!
So here's the basic step...
1. First, spread widely your both hands fingers. Relax your shoulders. In front of your chest, form your fingers like a pyramid shape by touching the tips of left and right fingers.
2. While doin the first step, breathe in deeply and breathe out slowly thru your nose. Repeat this thrice.
Well... that's it! In one day, we should do this set three times-- morning, noon and night. If we don't have any time... we can do the all the sets at once!
If you're interested... Ganbarimasho p(^-^)q

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