Friday, January 19, 2007

Another great day!

Hello folks! Today was a fine day and I did had a wonderful day for many reasons! It started this morning when EGG facilatator, Ohashi san picked me up at home and we headed out to Shizuhata Chuu Elementary School wherein we had this lecture about Philippine culture. Thanks to the support of EGG staff, the cooperation of all the teachers and observers and the interest of the whole class... our lecture worked out well!
↓Greetings in Tagalog♪Sampung mga daliri♪↓I am actually teaching the basic balancing of the glass in Pandango sa Ilaw folkdance... I don't have any idea... what's the boy doing... hey boy...don't over react... ganbare!!! (LOL) ↓What's up with this crowd?!↓Let's take a closer look... a Jack stone game !↓Here's the boy who played best! So I gave him a set of Jack stone... Congratulations!↓Philippine snacks↓Masarap!?↓The amusing Grade 6 class 楽しかったよ!

After the class, Ohashi san treated me for lunch at a Japanese Restaurant. We enjoyed the delicious lunch as well as our conversations. I also promised Ohashi san that I'll gonna treat her for dinner at Philippine Restaurant next time before the end of February and hopefully... Kaneyama san, another friendly facilatator of EGG... can come with us... but I've heard she's a vegetarian f(^-^; !
Well... afterwards, I went at SAME to meet my other class and again I had a couple of laughs with Sugita san and Uno san while teaching them. Personally, I really like them... they are good listeners and likewise...I'm also learning from them especially with regards to JINSEI ... life! (^-^)d

As of now while blogging this... I am watching the Disneyland Story at Disney Channel. It's an old documentary film of Disneyland in Los Angeles during the 60's... it's quite amusing! No wonder why Disney is one of the most popular theme park in the world.

I better go now... I need to concentrate watching this one... happy week end guys! mwaaahhh!

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