Monday, January 08, 2007

Cheering goodies!

Wow! I just discovered lately that there are some snacks and goodies for rooting students preparing for their entrance exams... they called it JUKENSEI OUEN OKASHI! Some cheering words or goodluck phrases are written in the wrappers or boxes of the snacks. What a nice gimmick from the snacks or goddies company!

Sample of the said snacks and goodies! Some are gifts from Sachan's tutor and I bought some from the supermarket!

Sachan... we're all rooting for you! (pressure da ne?! whew!)

1 comment:

  1. hi ate sachang,
    tuwa c emil sa picture mo,penge daw!!!
    goodluck sa exam mo,nag -pray na din kami sa baclaran for you....
    pati nga c kricel hindi natulog.nag-pray din sya kay MAMA MARY...Miss you
    tita leng