Monday, January 15, 2007

Time Saving Tips

Points to ponder courtesy by The Tribune...
(^-^)b remember , "Time is gold"!

Time can be measured, therefore divided. Time is always passing, and it never returns. Time can be wasted, just as can materials, money, energy, talents.
Here are a few tips to save time:

Allocate your days and hours: To choose our time, to divide it intelligently is always to save it. Allocation often means forward planning that must be kept up strictly—but allow for the unexpected to crop up.

Do things in order: Fix the best order of doing things. You can then stick to it. Always settle in advance their order of urgency; leftover tasks steal part of tomorrow’s time.

Concentrate: So much of our wasted time can be directly traced to lack of concentration, inattention, following distractions and diversions.

Be Punctual: Be prompt. Far from taking up valuable time that seems better employed elsewhere, in fact, this advice invariably gets through more things more quickly than delaying.

Write things down: Not only does this help to imprint them on the memory, it also makes sure that things get done without delay.

Make time: Time can always be ‘made’ for the things that matter in life: work, love, cherish one’s family, seeing friends, pursuing deep interests, showing kindness, exercise, prayer. A person who has little or no time to spare is rarely very busy—or important. It’s always the so-called ‘busiest’ people who get the most work done.

Enjoy time: Yes, time is there to be enjoyed. Every day, come what may. The real secret is to treat time not merely as a friend, but as an old and valued friend.

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