Sunday, January 28, 2007

We made it... we made it not!

Looook what i've found out today... the Jeepney Press copies for February issue arrived today at home... and I was surprised to see the Philippine NAKAMA group pictures during the last year Christmas Event and Utawit audition in Shizuoka featured at the snap shots column.Anyway... thanks to Irene Kaneko, publisher of Jeepney Press. (S'ya po ang may kinalaman ng lahat!) I've heard it's Jeepney Press 5th anniversary also... To Irene and the rest of the staff... Congratulations for the hard work and for the continuous support that you are rendering to all the Filipinos around Japan. MORE POWER!

Speaking of UTAWIT 2007... the semi-finals was held today at the Philippine Embassy Multi-purpose Hall in Tokyo. I was supposed to go with the group to cheer our three Shizuoka representatives but due to my scrambled sched... I did not made it! Liza was with them kaya panay na lang ang text namin ni tita Liza of what was happening around there! She said na magagaling daw talaga ang lahat!
(***pictures below are courtesy by Liza***)

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The Executive Chairmen of UTAWIT, Sir Labat-- Rey Conferido and Ms. Irene Kaneko of Jeepney Press (Click picture for more photos)

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Philippine NAKAMA representatives posing with the UTAWIT Execom, Sir Rey Conferido, Ma'am Lillibeth Pono and Olive. (Click picture for more photos)

Well... here's the result... I am very proud that Monaliza made it to top 10 for the final competition of Utawit to be held on April. Nakakapanghinayang si uncle Jo. Galing pa naman din sana n'ya... but he said... talaga namang marami ring magagaling. Anyway... basta... kuya Jo is still one of the best for us! What about Vida... uuuuhhhmmm... i've heard she did not made it too!
Anyway... OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA... and of course to Liza. Natapos rin (for the meantime!) ang KINCHOKAN blues namin!

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