Thursday, November 05, 2009

Cultural lecture in Irie Elementary School

The EGG- Education by Global Group invited me today to teach Philippine culture in Grade 6 class this afternoon at Irie Elementary School in Shimizu. Today is the part 1 of the lecture and part 2 will be on December.
I enjoyed teaching the class I handled today coz they showed full interest to know the Philippines. They listened attentively, cooperated and asked so many questions.
When asked them what comes to their mind when it comes to Philippines... it's funny that majority answered "banana" next to Philippine beach or resort. They're also surprised to know that Philippine's national fruit is mango! LOL!

Students including teachers are all in mask as preventive measures for influenza that going around lately! Good idea!The class... on preparationMy facilitator-- Sesaki sensei in Barong Tagalog costume! heheh dandy DESU YO?!My facilitator... ever smart Ishigami san!...with lovely students in Phil costumesWith my friend Derif from Nepal. 3 cultures were being introduce today... Phil, Nepal and Brazil.Dusk view from by-pass on the way home

I wanna thank my facilitators... Ishigami san and Sesaki sensei for the great support they did to me today. They really did a good job! Extra thanks to Sesaki sensei for picking me up and dropping me off at my home. MINASAN OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA... see u all on December!

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