Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy birthday tita Amie!

Amie's birthday was last Monday but she did treat me and Liza for lunch today... at Italian restaurant downtown. It was a great celebration... full of silly stories and laughters... heheh!
Below is tita Amie with her presents from us... and yah... thanks to Liza for giving me and herself some gift too... an angel's figurine... pair angels(?!) LOL!
After lunch... we shopped to Isetan at "Daddy oh Daddy" for gifts to Amy's grand son lil Allan in Canada. He was baptized in Catholic last Sunday and I was one of the god mom! Then... I also bought Anna Sue's gift for my daughter's birthday... and I was surprised that Liza and Amie bought something for her too. I know I should be grateful for that but that means... me and Amie should buy something also for Liza's daughter's birthday... hahah! BAWIAN BA? LOL!
Well... privately... we been close for years.... and we are almost like relatives... our families are all close too... and it's nice having each other sooo close except for the fact that it's costly to be with them on times of occasional events...LOL!

After our shopping... I had this date with Kaori chan... for an interview about my life(?) lol! Well, that's for her research studies on foreigners living here in Japan. So... I met her...we went to a coffee shop with Amie and Liza... she interviewed me... later Liza... and it turned out to be interesting... heheh!

with friendly Kaori chan

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