Thursday, November 05, 2009

Kids activities in Philippines

I just want to share some photos of my pamangkins from the Philippines which my sis Emily sent to me thru email. Wala lang... kinda missed them and i like their pics... so cute... jejejeh!

First was this Emil's activity in his school-- St. Dominic Savio Learning Center-- last end of October, the United Nation's Day event. There was this contest of Little Mr. and Miss UN... Emil represent the Philippines and yup... he won that title, Little Mr. UN. heheh! Good job Emil! Congrats!
Below is Emil on question and answer portion. He was ask that if he's lost in department store... what would you do? He answered, "I will keep looking for my mom, if I did not find her, I'll ask the sales ladies or the security guards for help". Well... smart kid! heheh!
saling pusa lang po si bunsong Kricel!The Philippines representatives
Little Mr. and Miss UN 2009
At home!
Well... below pics was taken last halloween night. This was before they went to the kids party.
I like this photo of my niece--Kricel as a witch! Soooo cute...LOLKricel and Emil with their cousin Camille-- also my dear niece!
Emil on his pirate costume... napakinabangan ang omiage ni tito Ted from Disney!

Lastly, below pics was taken last feast of All Soul's Day in Manila Memorial cemetery during the kids visit to their late grandma!
Here's Kricel at my mom's tomb while my other nieces are inside the tent--- KDC-- Kath, Debbie and Camille! 'missing u all!

I missed u all this year but hopefully I can visit you all next year with ate Sachan and friends on August!

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