Monday, November 02, 2009

Gathering in Jollibee

Phil NAKAMA group had a dinner gathering today at Jolibee Restaurant. It's our OTSUKARESAMA KAI for the good cooperation and support did by everyone at the last International Festival in Shizuoka event. It's a buffet promo of Jolibee today for only Y1050 excluding drinks. Very reasonable... heheh! They actually held it every 1st Sunday of the month.
Well... the restaurant was actually fully pack tonight... that even my reservation for 20 people was unable to organized. Sooo disappointing coz our group members were seated separately and we were not able to have a meeting... not even the otsukaresama kampai. ^^; Well... everyone resched the meeting on the 8th in Sumpu Park after the Sto Nino Fest in Jonai Catholic Church.After the gathering ... we're separated in groups... Jonalyn and company invited me to come with them for Disco... but I refused already coz I felt that I need to have a cup of coffee instead in order to have a peace of mind that!
Some of the group went to Shimizu... while Arakawa san, Ishigami san, Amie, Liza, Sarah and Ajie went with me to St. Mark coffee shop downtown and continue our "interesting" chika in there. ^^
Oh...well... to everyone... otsukaresama deshita! Thanks for the lift Ajie and hubs!

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