Sunday, November 08, 2009

Viva! Sto Nino!

The Sto Nino Festival 2009 was held today. This festival which Kuya Ernie founded about 20 years ago was yearly being held in Jonai Catholic Church. Lately, the LINK group is organizing it in cooperation of Jonai Catholic Church.
Well... our group, Philippine NAKAMA was also invited to join and cooperate with this event. Actually, we are suppose to perform some folkdance number but due to some reasons we decided to just gave a donations from our group... heheh!
Well... I was not able to attend the celebrations for some years but this year celebration was truly satisfying especially the mass rendered by Father Bob.
After the mass... party was held at the hall. We enjoyed the foods and friends we met especially those long lost friends! heheh! There was some stage and game presentations. Uncle JO also performed his songs for all.
LINK group acknowledgement to Phil NAKAMA's donationWith Fr. Bob, Fr. Harada and Pao of Tokyo PNB Ochiai san... too busy! heheh!With some friends Bikong Ube... nostalgic! To LINK group and church staff... OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA... You all did a good job!
Viva! Sto Nino!

After the event... NAKAMA group went to Sumpu Koen for a brief meeting about our Xmas celebrations... but actually... we decided to have a general meeting on Nov. 29th in Tokiwa Koen for the preparations and rehearsals of Xmas Carols. Gosh... my busy days are here again! LOL!
Our new cute Japanese friend... Oishi san *more pictures in Phil NAKAMA website and Facebook*

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