Monday, November 09, 2009

Girlfriends birthday!

It's party time again! Well... it's Nerissa, Alisa, Maryann and Nao-chan's birthday gathering in karaoke today. Emi was supposed to join this group but unfortunately her aunt in the Philippines died lately and she went back there to attend the funeral. Condolence Emi!
On the other hand... Nao chan was not around too coz she's schooling so in exchange, her mom Analyn and Eri chan attended the gathering!
Well... today is tita Amie's birthday too but she was not able to join the event due to her work but I will see her on Wednesday anyway. Too many birthdays this week... they really cost me a lot... lol!
Today's party was a blast... karaoke was truly a! ... and yes... the foods are really great... and too many... so after the event... we all took home some of the foods!
The celebrants!Happy birthday!Pinoy food cooked by AlmaBirthday cake!kids!they can dance and sing too... like mom, like daughters! katuwaan!Karaoke timesweet couple!

threesome? hmmm...

rei chan and cecil visited at home too!

I did had a good time with you girls... really happy birthday to the celebrants and OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA to everyone. We've just finished this gathering ... and here's another birthday party invitation for us... it's on Alma's birthday party on December... lots of friends... full of parties... lol!

... and hey did anyone see my ethnic-like bracelet? I lost it maybe in karaoke? it means a lot to me ... coz it's a pair bracelet with my close friends from Tokyo... huhuhuh... yoroshiku?

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