Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy 21st bday Sachan!

Today is a special day for me coz it's my precious daughter Sachan's birthday! Unfortunately... we are not together now coz she's studying away from us so... i did miss her sooo much... but anyway, i did not miss celebrating her birthday with the family this last weekend. We actually had 3 days holidays-- from Saturday to Monday and like last year... we celebrated it together again in Tokyo Disney Resort as hubby's gift for Sachan's bday. Well... she's always an avid fan of Disney since she was a kid and if there is any place she always wants to visit... surely it's Disney... heheh!
Last Saturday, we all met in Sheraton Hotel wherein we stayed this time. If I remember it right, the last time we stayed there was about 5 years ago... when my sis Emily and Emil visited Japan.
Well... we went first to Disney Sea, then the next day was in Disneyland. We also enjoyed the hotel's SPA. On our last day, we spent it in Ekspiri-- it's a shopping mall in Disney Resort.

Mt. Fuji scene from Tomei Express
Disney SeaLovely Xmas tree in Disney SeaAdvance Merry Xmas from Sheraton HotelPuppet show of Disney charactersChristmas Fantasy Parade in Disneyland "UP"--a must-to-see animation movie of the year!Peace Sachan (^^)vParades on rainy daysDinner in Blue Bayoo... the best! Cheers! Happy birthday
We celebrated Sachan's bday at Sheraton's bar... it was also hubs treat for Sachan's bday... with surprise cake!^^"Thanks to mama, tita amie and tita liza!" My girl turned 21!We had some drink together but I was the one who drunk most... well, I never drink so here's what I got... tipsy and freak! dame da!!!time to sleep! morning breakfast at Sheraton'sfamily picScene from Ekspiri Dusk from Tokyo Rainbow BridgeFurikura!
~more pics in my Facebook site~
Well, that was our two nights and three days fun in Disney... we enjoyed our bondings but it was very cold! So... Sachan suggested that from now on, we must go to Disney on summer season... and for her bday next year... she said that hot spring will be fine! lol!
"To Sachan... Your best years is still ahead of you... happy birthday with love! miss you always! love... mama"

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