Friday, February 06, 2009

Another memorial ceremony experience!

My mom in law's sister... Kowanaya obachan's husband-- Ono ojiichan died last Monday and the memorial ceremony was held in Ainet Hall yesterday and today. Since they're related to our family... we need to attend the ceremony. Nataranta na naman ako coz we need to wear formal black dress! That's my problem everytime na merong memorial... whaaaa... wala na po kasing kasyang black dress sa aparador ko! Nakailan na yata akong bili ng formal black dress for such a gathering... nag-start yata ako sa small size... napunta sa medium... sa large... gosh ayoko na mapunta sa extra large! hehehe! Blessing at meron na pala akong black dress na malaki... pero talagang medyo malaki nga lang sa akin... but I have no choice... sinuot ko na rin... hehehe! I just covered it with my black coat! Buti na lang di pinahuhubad ang coat sa mga umaatend doon! hahaha!
I attended the vigil yesterday with papie and lola. We also joined their sushi dinner there.
↓Here's lola in her genuine leather winter coat! Bongga s'ya! Bigat n'yan... orig ba naman!
Then today... I attended the funeral ceremony and the reception at Japanese Restaurant in Nakajimaya Hotel as papie asked me to represent our family! (Bumabawi yata kasi s'ya lang ang umatend sa memorial ceremony ni uncle Jiro last year noong and2 pa cna tatay! )

Gosh from morning to late afternoon... lagare kami doon! As much as possible, I don't like to attend coz I thought that it will be boring since I don't know them that close... but I'm glad I was able to come. I met many people there and I learned many things too. I was able to study some of my husbands family backgrounds, some advices in life and I am really greatful to meet oneesan Kazue san from Fujieda. She's very fine, simple and very kind. We stayed together the whole ceremony. She also gave me this GENSO sweets designed like a soccer ball from Fujieda.

I wish I can meet her again someday. Sayang I wasn't able to get her cell number!

The vigil was actually simple and the cremation rites was only attended by family and close related friends... but I was surprised to the funeral ceremony... it was fully packed and was quite extravagant! hehehe! I was surprised to the 5 buddish priests who lined up at the mid of the hall and led the rites. I thought there will be a parade! I just thought na ... malaking bayaran 'to!

There is also an organist and a fluter who performed at the ceremony! Akala ko nga merong concert! hehehe!
But I was touch to those guest speakers who delivered their thoughts for Ono Ojiisan... dami nila... and I just can't imagine how great guy he is... they even call him GOFUKUCHO man for his long service in Gofukucho as chairman.
May he really rest in peace... and please say my hello to Giigii, Lucky and my nanay!

It was a tiresome day but I am thankful for some new experiences I had... thanks for the omiage like obento (that's too many from Konagaya obachan), flowers and of course great lunch... kumain na kami... kami pa rin ang binigyan ng gift certificates... not bad... basta meron ulit ganon... invite n'yo lang ako... I will be there again! nyahahaha!

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