Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last day of CHADOU class

This afternoon was the last day of our Chadou or Sadou... meaning "Way of Tea" class.
Our master taught us again on how to behave as a guest in a tea gathering and also the proper way of bowings, walking, drinking tea, eating sweets and many more. He also taught us on how to prepare the powdered tea and serve it to our classmates.
The Japanese actually serve the tea with respect and drink it with gratitude!
Today's hanging scroll at our tea roomTea toolsOur master demonstrating the proper opening and closing of the sliding door.demonstrating the proper way of entering the house...Master with some of my-co students The host preparing the Japanese "way of tea"Sample of Japanese sweetsMy teaNo more... Our host demonstrating how to remove and clear away the tea cups.Our master also taught us some origins of hiragana from kanji! Omake lecture desu!Some of my classmates with our master, Mr. Mochizuki Studying CHADOU was a great experience! I will surely miss this class!

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