Tuesday, February 03, 2009


February 3rd is a traditional event of SETSUBUN here in Japan wherein people throw beans around the house, shrines and temples while shouting "fortune in and evils out"---meaning driving away the bad spirits and bringing in the good fortune.
Every year... we traditionally do this rituals in our home. We also throw beans around our home while shouting ONI WA SOTO--evil's out, and while throwing beans inside the house... we shout for FUKU WA UCHI-- fortune's in.

Afterwards, we pick up beans that corresponds to our age and eat it. Those beans are also known as fortune beans or FUKU MAME. They believed that eating those beans makes you happy and healthy! Sooo... I did... Idid... I did... and papa did eat too. We did not allow to eat Baabaa anymore coz the beans are like solid rock sa tigas po... besides we don't have enough beans that equals to her age... 85!

Another custom is by eating fortune sushi roll! That's what we had for our dinner!

Throwing beans is usually perform by the head of the family... but in our case at home... it was Sachan who always do the throwing. Since Sachan was not around since last year... I do the throwing in her behalf. This year is a perfect time for me to lead the throwing coz aside from the head of the family... the person who was born on the animal sign of the coming year can lead the throwing... well... it's Year of the Ox and it's my year... so it's really my turn to lead the throwing!


PS: It's Feb 3 ... Teddy's birthday!♪  Today... he went back to Davao City again with my uncle Ben and cousin Jun, Susan with Aileen from their visit to Manila one week ago. Hoping you all had a wonderful stay in Manila and good luck to Aileen's board exam result! Again... happy birthday to Teddy and may you always stay healthy! (^-^)v

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