Friday, February 20, 2009

Original Pinoy Animation: DAYO

This one is interesting! The first 3D animated movie of the Philippines, DAYO that was screened last December at the Metro Manila Film Fest 2008.

Dayo, a full-feature animated film that feature the story of an 11-year-old kid named Bubuy. The story revolves around Bubuy who has to save his grandparents who were abducted and brought to the strange land called Elementalia, which is home to a host of strange creatures.

The popular cultures of Pinoy was presented in this movie and they also used Pinoy mythological creatures like manananggal, tikbalang, tiyanak, kapre, diwata and many more that makes the story trully an original Pinoy.

More info at DAYO movie official site:

Below is my fave Lea Salonga's version of "Lipad," theme song of DAYO. The song was recorded with the FILharmoniKA, conducted by Gerard Salonga. Awesome di ba!

I've heard that this movie is also for international release... entitled, WANDERER.

Can't wait to watch!

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