Saturday, February 07, 2009

Tea Gathering

At long last... after my 20 years stay here in Japan... I had the chance to attend the Japanese culture of CHADOU or known as tea ceremony class. We have three times meetings and we started the class this afternoon in KITEKO Japanese room. The class is sponsored by Shizuoka City Association for Multicultural Exchange.
Our class is lucky to have a good and humorous instructor, Prof. Shizuo Mochizuki of Urasenke International Association. He taught us that the CHADOU (literal is "Way of Tea") translation of tea ceremony is not proper. It should be tea gathering. Tea ceremony refers to the buddish priest or mocks who formally offers tea to the temple or shrine's buddha. Tea gathering is to enjoy the spirit of tea in warm and relax athmosphere.
Below is a hanging scroll with the principle of "way of tea" is written... harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. The way of tea has also this philosophy-- Peacefulness through a bowl of tea... which also means promoting peace all over the world... that tea is not only for Japanese but for everyone.
Learning that I came from the Philippines, Prof. Mochizuki told to the class that he had been to Philippines with his tea associates and his memorable experience was in Manila Cathedral where they showed to them the antique feather brush used as one of a tools in tea preparation. That was presented to the church by a well known Japanese Catholic tea master who was exiled to Philippines during those old era.
The lecture for today was all about the CHADOU introductions, history, philosophy and manners. I found it really interesting and I can't wait for our next meeting!

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