Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Visit to Gotemba

It's holiday today celebrating Japan's National Foundation Day! Baabaa went to her Day Center... so I invited papie to go on driving and we end up in Gotenba Kogen Resort. We look around the place... there are some hotels, hot springs, sports facilities, stalls, restaurants and so on and so forth!
Traditional hot spring... Chame Yudono. For adults only lang daw! 'wonder what's inside!
The winter illumination event at day time

340 meter long tunnel... this event ends on March 8th

Giant dove statue !

Sachan will gonna love this stall... YAKI IMO (baked sweet potatoes)

We had lunch at this restaurant

Our lunch... ala kaming gana! hehehe!

The unique rounded slow house villas... too bad Mt. Fuji was covered with cloudy skies!

UCHUU NO HIBIKI (sounds of the universe)The giant bell ... bell of love daw!

... with giant face

Buddha Statue MountainAbout 1,800 little buddha statuesToday, we had quite an adventure!

We might come back with Sachan and hopefully Baabaa next time!

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