Monday, February 16, 2009

Food for thoughts!

Our Aoi District committee had a meeting tonight in City Hall regarding our up coming event on March 1st, the Aoi District Fiesta-- Sengen Doori de Omotenashi.

Before our meeting started one of our members, Shiratori san-- who was like a dear mom to me distributed to each one of us this two bean-jam rice cake (photo below) and what I discovered so unique was that she put them over the white paper where half part of it was folded in crane design! She said... we could place the chopstick or toothpick inside the folded part. Cool di ba? Much more amazing was that inside the white paper... some quotes were printed...... if I will simply translate it... it goes like this...

A single word can be challenging

A single word can be encouraging

A single word can set visions

A single word can make you feels good

A single word can make you strong.

A single world can also be aggravating

A single word can make you cry.

It is strange that in just a single word... it can give you great strenght

and it that slight single word... you can be lovely and pure hearted.

... some thoughts to be considered... meron nang food... meron pang good thoughts!


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