Monday, February 23, 2009

A birthday date with Ana!

Amie and I went to Ana's birthday celebration held in Heartbeat. Actually si Amie ang surprise gift ko sa kanya...kekkekkeee! Sayang tita Liza did not make it!
Wooow... seductive ang beauty ni Ann with her white sexy outfit! Birthday n'ya nga naman!
Hisashiburi no omise... but we really enjoyed it. Maraming mga kakilala... mga lokah at kalog pa! Ang Pinoy talaga! Ganbatte guys-- Ann, Len, Elizabeth, Apple, Miho & Ricky!!!
We're thankful to Erap for treating us! Ana was like a busy butterfly last night... well... it was her night... that's why we decided to meet on Wednesday for a private date for the continuation of our chikas and bidahan! hehehe!

Again... may you'll always be happy Ann... not only on your birthday but 4ever!

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