Sunday, March 01, 2009


In line to our last activity regarding the promotion of Aoi District, our Aoi District Citizens Committee, together with Aoi District General Office staff and Sengen Doori Committee... the SENGEN DOORI de OMOTENASHI in connection to Aoi District Fiesta was held today in Sengen Road.

The morning preparation... welcome to Sengen Doori!
The event featured original and typical goods of Aoi District like sweets, tea, and other native foods and products. There are exhibits of amusing pictures and activities of Aoi Districts. Games and some fun like picture story show, clowns, roller skating and many more were popular among kids.
Shiratori san's omise

Our stage line-up...

Opening remarks from our committee chairmanoriginal dances of Sengen DooriShinto dance and musicJapanese wooden footgear tapdancePhil NAKAMA bamboo dancers joined the event!RehearsalSachan and MaikaSome of our committee membersAoi-kun with Koyama sanMaika's cute pose! Ready for bamboo dance performance!An interviewDance time

Enjoy our video!

The clownsCongrats to Endo san and Kobayashi san for their good job as emceesWith our chief... With Aoi District DirectorWith Aoi-kun, some committee members and staffsSachan with Aoi Kun...Ohhh... Aoi-chan pala! Well... we are blessed to have a fair weather today... the event was well attended enough! I hope that thru this event... we were able to express our main objective and that's to promote Aoi District!
OTSUKARESAMA and thanks to the cooperation of everyone! The event was a success!

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