Thursday, March 26, 2009

One night in Shimada City

As I am posting this eh kauuwi ko lang po from Shimada with my friend Amie. Daig pa namin si Cinderella kc past 12:00 midnight na kami nakauwi!
The reason kung bakit napadpad kami in Shimada was that my jazz singer friend, Maritess invited me tonight to guest in her radio program... "One Night Jazz" in FM Shimada which is being aired every Wednesday night from 8:00pm to 9:00pm.
I was interviewed regarding the objectives and activities of our Philippine NAKAMA Organization. I enjoyed their program and it was a pretty exciting experience!
Inside the radio boothOn-airAfter the program... with Maritess , the navigator- Ms. Terada & director- Mr. MakitaAng tatlong nagdadalaga!!! Look M'tess with her new hair cut... looks younger huh!...with the charming navigator of Maritess program... Ms. TakedaThe whole troupe... with Maritess no. 1 fan and ever kind, Yasuhara sensei, their cool son, Saimon and our gentle guy- Lion kun (Ti-ha) from Myanmar... oppsss he's not in the pix... coz he was the one who took this photo!
After the program, Yasuhara sensei invited us to a cozy ethnic-like Izakaya near Shimada station. The whole troupe were of course invited! That was a treat from Yasuhara sensei... hontouni gochisosama datta! We did had a lot of funny conversations especially about the upbringing of childrens! We also became more excited when we met these two English ladies-- Kate and Sakura next to our table. They're so funny, friendly and weird! (^-^)v
Below↓ ang siga po ng Shizuoka na dumayo sa Shimada!
YOZAKURA! The first blooming sakura I encountered in Shimada stationAlong Shizuoka stationA cup of coffee b4 we went homecge na po... tulog na ako! (^3^)mhwaaah!

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