Saturday, March 14, 2009

Easy baking of banana cake!

Have you tried to bake a banana cake in a rice cooker? Miyamoto san, our head staff at SAME office discovered the recipe from someone's blog and 2 days ago, I found out to her blog that she tried it already! Oishisodatta... looks appealing! Miyamoto san told me that the method is very easy and the cake tasted so good!
Now it's my turn to try...
Below are the recipes from Miyamoto san's blog:
Hot cake mix- 200g
Banana -1
Milk - 80g (but I tried 100g)
Butter- 15g
Sugar - 100g (but I used 75g only)
Egg - 1
Touch of vanilla essence
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and stir them thoroughly. I used mixer for banana and butter with a bit of milk.

Put all the mixed ingredients inside the rice cooker. Push the rice cooker button. Wait till it's done!

... and here it is... my experiment! Mission accomplished!!! hehehe!

Truly easy and yummy! Try it! (^-^)d

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