Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Friday the 13th!

Superstitions considered Friday the 13th as unlucky day... Friday is unlucky day and 13th as unlucky number!
Fortunately... this day didn't brought me any unlucky or bad day! Safety naman akong nakapagturo, nakapaglakwatsa in Parche and Parco with Sachan inspite of the rain, safety naman kaming family na nakapag-dinner outside and safety naman kaming nakapagdrive pabalik-balik. Thanks be to God!
Well... unlucky stuff is a matter of superstitions anyway! Coincidence lang kung mangyayari!

Only one thing quite surprised me when I entered Sachan's room...
Look what I found (below picture)... did Jason Voorhees... or the chainsaw massacre attact this room?..... noooope!
A burglar break into her room?.... noooooo!
A fight? ..... noooooo!
So what happened....???
Well... I asked Sachan... she told me that she did some sewing... her short pants actually and the next thing she knew, the room was that horrible! To make the story short...
... that's the way she mess her room!!! Grrrrrrrrr! (>_<)

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