Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Introducing... Kotomi chan!

I met an amusing Japanese Shizuoka Ken Dai student in my work at SAME today. She fascinates me in many way! Her name is Kotomi! What's unique about her is that she is good in Tagalog language and a little bit Ilocano... talo po ako don! She's good in English too!
Actually, she had been in Cordillera for almost a year as NGO volunteer. Well... she showed me some of her photos during her stay in the Philippines... oh my... I envy her coz she had been to places like Rice Terraces and experienced the ways and traditions of natives in the north! She's friendly... talkative with sense... boyish... steady... funny and very interesting!
The first time we spoke, I knew I liked her, and hoped we'd be friends. The more we spoke, I knew we'd be friends. Hopefully!!! Keep in touch and good luck... Kotomi chan!


  1. Hi!! Ang sayasaya naman ako ngayon! honto ni arigatou!
    namimis na ako Tagalog kc,kailangan ko ang practice.
    I gonna make friend star soon.

  2. Ako rin masaya... kasi nakilala kita. Sana magkita tayo ulit!
    Sige... you can practise Tagalog with me... hehehe!
    Sana makilala mo rin ang aming friendly Philippine NAKAMA group.
    Magtawagan tayo... or e-mail ha!