Saturday, March 21, 2009

From Okitsu to Shizuoka

Two of lola's relatives have gone this week. Lola attended the funeral for the other one... and Papie was asked to attend for another one today. Papie asked me to accompany him. The funeral was held in Okitsu... lola's home town. We just offered incense, had some bowings, hand in our condolence money and escaped the vigil ceremony!

Below is a map from Okitsu Station. From the station on the left side near the school was the resident of the deceased relative and on the right side along Route 1 road near Suruga bayside is lola's home while at the back of the station on the right side on the mountain side was lola's late brod Jiro's house.
It's a tradition that after giving a condolence money, guest is given a gift usually in a paper bag with some goods on it like what we received today. Among the stuffs inside the bag that somewhat unusual to me is this Shimizu tea in can. I am familiar to Shizuoka tea but this is my first time to encounter Shimizu tea in can.After our business in Okitsu... we went back to Shizuoka and at the station in Parche... we had our dinner in Jourdan. Below is a dessert but it was my dinner!Downtown scene from ParcheEKIPA underground parking. It is a computerized system parking.
Our car can be seen on the monitor. The station rotary. Under this is the EKIPA parking.


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