Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lunch in Thailand...

... restaurant po! It has been a while since we've been to Aroi Aroi Restaurant here in Aoi District. Lately, we only have the chance to visit this place during Sachan's vacation here in Shizuoka. Our family are always looking forward to having lunch together at this restaurant! OSUSUME desu!
Elephant figures from Thai! Cool!

Galit-galit muna kapag kainan!

One of our favorite... the Ebi chahan!

Sachan serving us!

Oishiiii yo!

This is something new... merong elephant image decor na cla from Thai outside their restaurant ... ewan ko lang kung nasaan ang katawan!? ... di ko naman nakita inside the restaurant!?... naiwan sa Thai?!!!

Thanks for the great meal! We'll be back!


  1. halo te mel! i enjoyed reading your blogs, got alot of info `bout Shizuoka. just wanna ask though, where is this Thai restaurant located? your blog says it`s in Aoi ward, may i ask where exactly in Aoi? hehheeh, i`m craving for Thai cuisine kasi, sensya na... : ) marieclaire

  2. Hi Marie Claire... thanks for dropping by! Aroi-aroi restaurant is in Nishimoncho, Aoi-district. Along nishimoncho, pagme nakita kang malaking ulo ng elepanteng nakasabit... yun na 'yon hehehe!
    Masarap talaga doon... osusume! Sabihin mo lang ke Bunnam ang name ko... sabay takbo! hehehe!
    More pix sa July 2006 post ko about Aroi-aroi Restaurant.
    Enjoy your spring! See yah! (^3^) Ate MEL