Sunday, March 29, 2009

Joy in planting a cherry blossom tree

My hubs and I decided to plant a cherry blossom or sakura tree... so we bought a baby tree in Makiya today and planted it in our yard. We don't consider planting sakura tree for some special event. Spring influenced us to plant it. As experts says... if you do decide to plant cherry trees, you get a double bounty, the spring show and the fruit to boot!
I wish a good life for our sakura tree. May it grow big and beautiful!
It's really exciting to think watching it grow and hopefully blossoms someday! Looking forward to having hanami picnic in our yard someday! Over ba?!


  1. Nice plant, how big will it get?

  2. Hello... I still don't have any idea ^_^; Maybe on 5 years later... about 8-10 feet according to some Japanese friend.