Friday, March 20, 2009

Shizuoka Airport... soon to open!

The new Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport located between the city of Makinohara and Shimada is scheduled to be opened for business on June 4th, 2009.
It will serve as an airport of Shizuoka, offering domestic flights and some Asian cities flights.
Liza phoned to me that she's working there today (hawak n'ya po kasi ang Sanitary Department!) and invited us to come over to see today's thanksgiving event of the locality!
My husband and I decided to drop-by there to have a look of the new airport and most of all to see Liza!
We went there by car and we passed thru Yoshida interchange but we are disappointed because there are no nameboards or any sign on how to get to the airport! All we did is to ask somebody in order to reach the place! Yup! the place is still not registered even in our car navigator!
Luckily... we got to the airport... just take a look at the photos above on how it is!
The event was almost over when we arrived. Liza was there with her sis in-law working at the event! Liz was in full cover of her face... me masked na... me cap pa! You can really suspect her as a suspicious woman like yung kawatan sa mga ATM! hehehe!
Well... the event was just like an ordinary local event and foods were sooo-sooo!
The good part is that we experienced to walk on the port's runway because the event was held at the center of the port ground.
That's it folks!

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