Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hina Matsuri 2009

Today is Hina Matsuri... or girl's festival! This is the day families pray together for the health, happiness and prosperity of their girls. During this festival... they usually display some traditional and ornamental dolls representing the emperor, empress, attendants and many more. Sachan displays only the Emperor and Empress image-- a gift from her grandparents 20 years ago... while her aunt gave her a typical Japanese girl doll of her image yata... (kc kamukha n'ya... nagkataon lang po! ) It is also a custom to offer some foods like hishi-mochi or a diamond-shaped rice cake and drinks like sweet white sake.
Most families take out this display of dolls around mid-February and put it away immediately after Hina Matsuri is over. There is a superstition that says that families slow to put away the dolls will have trouble marrying off their daughters!
Every year, for 20 years... we usually displayed the Hinamatsuri dolls two weeks before the event. Sachan is 20 years old already... now, the question is... until when are we going to display this dolls?
According to some of my Japanese friend... we can celebrate the event until Sachan is single!

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