Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exploring Yui Town

I took an off from work today just to have a trip with Sachan and our friend Liza in Yui Town. We're supposed to go to Fuji but to no avail dito kami sa Yui Town napadpad! But our trip turned out to be an exciting inspite na talagang pagod kami sa dami ng nilakad namin lalo na yung pataas ng bundok on the way to Satta Pass! Ewan ko ba sa dalawang kasama ko... naghangad maglakad ng 2.9 kilometers... sunod naman ako... hayun... on the mid of our exploration... give up ang lahat! One thing that I finally decided to not continue our goal is when the clouds started to cover Mt. Fuji... but when we started to go down hills... Mt Fuji again appearred in the scene... nakakalokah!

We also did enjoy the Hiroshige museum wherein some of the wood block prints drawn by Utagawa Hiroshige is on exhibit. I love the old town scene of Yui as we were in a time travelling and of course, we enjoyed their specialty... the sakura shrimps!

Yui Town is located here in Shizuoka Prefecture. Last year... the town was merged with Shimizu District.

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