Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Farewell party for our Director... Matsushita san!

Sad to say it is our last day working with our SAME Director, Matsushita san! He will be transferred to Machizukuri Department of Shizuoka City Hall starting tomorrow. He was kind, gentle, supportive and attentive head for us! We're gonna miss him a lot!

I am thankful to him for all the support he and his wife extend to our NAKAMA group. Hoping he'll continue to support us!

He's not only our director but also like our brother and ... father!↓The "father" with the DOKUSHIN (single, unattached, unmarried!) children!

buddies!My desserts... I'm not on a diet anyway!Matsushita san's enjoying his album... a gift from Miyamoto san!flowers from SAME stafflike father and daughter!
Looking forward to a part II party to his home in Fujieda. I actually missed the part I last January! 'till we meet again... Matsushita san!The farewell party was held in a buffet restaurant, HASSAI located at 7th floor of Parco.

... and yup... our next Head will be my hubs former classmate and friend... Mr. Odamaki. OTANOSHIMINI!

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